Friday, October 26, 2007


I had to go into the hospital for a night on Monday night.

This is what happened:

At 6 o'clock Mummy put me in the bath as usual. I got really stressed out and started coughing so much that I thought I might never be able to breathe again. My lips and mouth felt a bit funny, I think that's because they swelled up a little but I couldn't see that! So Mummy called an ambulance and they gave me some oxygen, and took me in to get checked out. The doctor we saw said I was fine so Uncle David came to pick us up.

Later on, (it was half past midnight) just as mummy and Daddy were about to go to sleep I started coughing the same way again. Daddy got really really worried, and he rushed me down to the hospital again with Mummy, and this time Daddy insisted that they didn't send me home until I was much better...

It took about 4 hours for things to calm down. They had to give me a medicine through a special mask for me to breathe in. That made me much much better, and they also gave me some medicine to help me be less hot. Then I got settled in a bed with Mummy next to me holding my hand. I fell asleep very quickly because of being so tired! Apparently there was a mask next to me on my pillow with oxygen coming out to help me breathe while I slept.

It was quite fun being in the hospital once I was feeling better, because everyone made a fuss of me and kept telling Mummy how cute I am and being really friendly with me... I played with some dinosaurs and did some pictures for Daddy, and then the doctors came and said I was well enough to go home.

I slept a lot when we got home from the hospital, and Mummy slept next to me. I am better now, and hope I don't have to go into hospital again for a long long time.

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Braska said...

I'm so glad you're feeling better now, Tommy!