Tuesday, February 19, 2008

I have a new bedroom and I like to sleep

My mummy is quite busy and I'm not yet very good at writing on the computer. So that's why this blog doesn't get updated very regularly... Since my last post, I have a new bedroom. I sleep in it all by myself! It used to be Mummy and Daddy's old bedroom, but they've moved into the 'new' part of the house and have a massive bedroom. My one is pretty good though! I have TWO beds in it!! My big brother Sam now has a bedroom to himself too and doesn't like it when Ben or me try and join him in his lego-making. He has a 'hook' on the door so that we can't get in when he's not there. It was Mummy's idea. Not sure it was a good one.

These first 3 photos are of me sleeping in my new bedroom (on the floor by the door, then in my bed after Mum moved me!!) Then there are a couple of me snuggling up on Mummy and Daddy's bed when I was poorly!This one is me having arrived back from school (I get home on the bus and I often fall asleep, so Mum has to put me in the buggy cos I'm too heavy to carry down) This last photo is a big yawn, cos I'd woken up after a bad dream and Mum took me into her bedroom to help me calm down. It worked a treat and I went to sleep quite quick after that!

Friday, October 26, 2007


I had to go into the hospital for a night on Monday night.

This is what happened:

At 6 o'clock Mummy put me in the bath as usual. I got really stressed out and started coughing so much that I thought I might never be able to breathe again. My lips and mouth felt a bit funny, I think that's because they swelled up a little but I couldn't see that! So Mummy called an ambulance and they gave me some oxygen, and took me in to get checked out. The doctor we saw said I was fine so Uncle David came to pick us up.

Later on, (it was half past midnight) just as mummy and Daddy were about to go to sleep I started coughing the same way again. Daddy got really really worried, and he rushed me down to the hospital again with Mummy, and this time Daddy insisted that they didn't send me home until I was much better...

It took about 4 hours for things to calm down. They had to give me a medicine through a special mask for me to breathe in. That made me much much better, and they also gave me some medicine to help me be less hot. Then I got settled in a bed with Mummy next to me holding my hand. I fell asleep very quickly because of being so tired! Apparently there was a mask next to me on my pillow with oxygen coming out to help me breathe while I slept.

It was quite fun being in the hospital once I was feeling better, because everyone made a fuss of me and kept telling Mummy how cute I am and being really friendly with me... I played with some dinosaurs and did some pictures for Daddy, and then the doctors came and said I was well enough to go home.

I slept a lot when we got home from the hospital, and Mummy slept next to me. I am better now, and hope I don't have to go into hospital again for a long long time.

Friday, September 21, 2007

I have new glasses

I told you I had got new glasses, and now Mummy has a new camera, so she can take pictures again! As I don't wear them very often, I wanted to show you while I still had them on. This is me watching Toy Story with my new glasses on :o)

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Today, I am 5!

This is the card Mummy made me for my birthday! It was the first thing I opened this morning, before anything else! And I said" wow, queen!!" - I think it's really nice. Do you like it?

Today it is my birthday.
This is what happened on my birthday:

We all went downstairs at 7:15 and Mummy had 2 big bags with presents in them.
First I opened my "Cars" card. Then my presents from Mummy, Daddy, Samuel and Ben. There was big long one with a big long thing rolled up inside; Daddy opened it and it was a road playmat:

I really like it. When I opened it I wondered what I was supposed to do with it. But then I opened my next present which was 2 little rucksacks, one to take to school with me (I'll tell you about my school next time, it's really good); and another one that felt heavier. Mummy opened it for me and there were loads of new little toy cars in it!! Ben was a bit cross that none of them were for him so I gave him one of them, a red LandRover one. That made him a bit happier :o) And I quickly got the idea that the playmat was for me to run my new toy cars on. There's even a car park on it!!

There were 2 other presents, one from my Uncle David, Auntie Lindsay, cousins Ellie, Jack and Fleur (it was Rory the racing car and it makes noises and stuff!) - and the other from my Grandma and Grandpa in Devon (that was a farm animal domino game, that I can play with Mummy and Daddy and Samuel).

I opened a few more cards as well, then we had our normal breakfast, and then... Mummy came out from the dining room with a cake covered in candles!!! I couldn't believe it, and was very excited, and said: "cake!!" And I tried really really hard to blow all of the candles out, but Samuel had to help me a bit, and I also had to be careful not to spit on the cake or get my mouth burned...

Samuel, Ben and me, we each had a yummy piece of yummy chocolate cake for 'pudding'. Daddy said he "couldn't face chocolate cake so early in the morning". I didn't quite understand what that meant, because as far as I'm concerned there's nothing better than chocolate cake for breakfast.

We all managed to get ready for school at last. Mummy was trying really hard not to shout, I think it was a special birthday treat for me... And we drove Samuel down to his school. Then to the opticians to have my new glasses fitted (you see, I even got a present from the NHS...). Then Mummy drove me to my school in Basingstoke. I normally go on the bus, but this was a special day, so I got taken there and Mummy walked into my classroom with me! She had made some chocolate cupcakes for me to share with my classmates, so that was nice and the teachers looked really excited.

The rest of the day carried on pretty much as normal, although we had a little birthday party in my classroom, and we ate the cupcakes, and I blew out some more candles.
After I got home, my friend Clair came over to bring me my present (Another cool little rucksack, and some more cars, which I was very pleased about!!). There were a couple more small presents to open, and after that I'd had enough of the whole thing and got a bit stroppy and didn't eat much of my tea.

It was difficult to get off to sleep tonight, but what a fun, fun day I have had!! I love happy birthdays!

Monday, August 6, 2007

No school

Well, I am on holiday for the summer and it's really nice not to have to get ready very early in the morning to get on my bus! I love going on the school bus, and there are 2 ladies that look after me and about 5 others, Gill and Rene. But I have to be ready for 8 o'clock, and Mummy finds it hard to get me done on time! So I get quite stressed and usually try and kick her (or Daddy) out of the way so they leave me alone! I like taking my time over things and hate being rushed. - So now I can stay in my pyjamas all morning if I want to! And breakfast goes on for about 2 hours, it's great.

So we've been going to the swings a lot, and also playing in the garden on the trampoline and the climbing frame, and pushing toy cars around. I love playing with toy cars and spend hours arranging them into rows or other positions; I make up little stories and they each have their own character. Sometimes they are naughty and I tell them off. Sometimes when I go for a walk, I am pleased to see them when I get back and say " 'eyo carck, back now!" ('hello cars, I'm back now') and give them a kiss.

This week end was really sunny and hot and we got the pool out and got wet! We spend all the time outside. We went to church yesterday and I played with all my friends there. I like it there and I get a lot of attention!

My friend Zephan from my school came with his mummy and his big brother Zach last Friday morning! Mum hadn't met him before, but she thought he was really cute, and very funny! He has Down's Syndrome like me, and he is 3. His Mum and Dad go to church too, and Mummy was really pleased about that :)

Monday, July 30, 2007

hello, this is me!

I am Thomas. Mummy has created this new blog for me. She's going to have to help me write it to start off with because I am not very good at typing or speaking yet...
I wonder if you might like to make friends with me?
I'm going to be telling you about all the things I'm doing in my life, the new things I'm learning to do, things that make me happy, things that make me cross, things that make me laugh, things that make me cry, things I find easy and things I find harder.
Because my life is really very interesting! And I love it!!